Web3D Showcases Emerging Technology at Virginia Tech

Presentations from the Web3D Emerging Technology Showcase are now available.

Virginia Tech and Web3D Consortium hosted and presented demonstrations, discussions, and opportunities of emerging Web3D technologies at the Virginia Tech Research Center in Arlington Virginia on March 25th 2014. The meeting summary and presentations are now available.

This  event was attended by representatives from several government agencies along with Web3D, Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and DC SIGGRAPH members and other selected guests. [original meeting announcement]. Interactive web-based 3D technologies are leading the development of new opportunities in health, geospatial, and defense. These technologies provide an interactive real-time 3D solution that allows dispersed groups to interactively address real-world issues.

The showcase was blogged by Synergy at "Our Visit to the Web3D Technology Showcase".

There has been no better time to discuss X3D technologies and join this innovative 3D Web community.


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Thu, 2014-05-01