Web3D2011 Conference Topics

Web3D Consortium sponsors 16th annual Web3D2011 Conference in Paris, France.

Come join us at the annual ACM Web3D Conference, a major event which unites researchers, developers, entrepreneurs, experimenters, artists and content creators in a dynamic learning environment. Attendees share and explore methods of using, enhancing and creating new 3D Web and Multimedia technologies such as WebGL, X3D, VRML, COLLADA, MPEG family, U3D, Java3D and HTML5. The conference highlights capabilities and trends in interactive 3D graphics across a wide range of applications and devices from mobile devices to high-end immersive environments.

Several Tutorials and Workshops will be offered including paper session – Topics include: representation and modeling methods, content analysis, rendering, distributed virtual environments, large-scale databases, Web-wide human-computer interaction, and innovative tools and applications. Of particular interest are issues regarding the interoperability, durability or delivery of 4D assets.  There will also be a Web3D Showcase on Wednesday, June 22; where our innovative community of 3D developers will showcase their real-time 3D graphics content and applications.

More information on the event and the program is available at www.web3d2011.org.

The conference will be held in Paris, France at "Les Cordeliers" on June 20 , 21 and 22, 2011

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Tue, 2011-06-14