X3D Key Chain FOB Available for Web3D 2013 Conference

The CAD Working Group of the Web3D Consortium announces the availability of a key chain FOB built and printed using X3D.

Pictures of key fob in Basque Country and Spanish colors.Vince Marchetti has designed a printable key chain FOB using the CAD profile of the X3D Graphics International Standard. This fob was done in commemoration of the Web3D2013 Conference in San Sebastian, Spain. Vince works for KShell and is a member of the Consortium.

Each fob has a white background and the raised 3D lettering "Web3D 2013" on the surface (shown on right). In honor of San Sebastian Spain, where the conference is being held 19-22 June 2013, the two choices made available have the colors of the Basque Country (top) and Spain (bottom), respectively. The items are ordered from Shapeways, which will print to order.

You can select the material type when you are placing your order. We have found that "Full Color Sandstone" is an excellent color choice. A number of additional elegant materials are also available.

3D graphics authors and designers may also want to inspect the original models, which are published under an open-source license. These are made available as part of the Web3D Consortium's 3D model archives.

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Mon, 2013-06-10