X3D Presentations at Los Angeles DrupalCon 2015

Two Web3D Members (Leonard Daly and Dr. Meghan Coakley from NIH) will present at Los Angeles DrupalCon 2015 on their experience of integrating X3D into Drupal websites. As part of their presentations, Mr. Daly will present on creating stereoscopic views of 3D models and Dr. Coakley on NIH's X3DOM Drupal module and using Drupal as a content creation system.

Leonard Daly from Daly Realism, and Dr. Meghan Coakley of the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) 3D Print Exchange will be presenting at Los Angeles DrupalCon 2015, May 11-15th. Their two presentations illustrate various strategies to incorporate 3D graphics (X3D using X3DOM) into Drupal-based websites. The Birds of a Feather session ("Add 3D Graphics to Your Drupal Page") on Wednesday (5:00-6:00 PM) is oriented on the code necessary to perform the integration. The conference presentation ("Drupal in 3D: Leveraging WebGL and X3DOM for interactive 3D content visualization") on Thursday (2:15-3:15 PM) will focus on the results and benefits of using the open-source X3D web standard and of providing interactive 3D web content to engage the user community. Dr. Coakley will present on the NIH 3D Print Exchange’s X3DOM Drupal module, and novel workflows that create X3D-formatted files from raw scientific and medical imaging data, effectively transforming Drupal from a content management system into a content creation system.

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Sat, 2015-05-09