element Group
diagram x3d-4.0_diagrams/x3d-4.0_p99.png
type extension of X3DGroupingNode
content complex
children IS MetadataBoolean MetadataDouble MetadataFloat MetadataInteger MetadataSet MetadataString Background ColorInterpolator CoordinateInterpolator DirectionalLight Group NavigationInfo NormalInterpolator OrientationInterpolator PositionInterpolator ScalarInterpolator Shape TimeSensor Transform Viewpoint WorldInfo Anchor BooleanFilter BooleanSequencer BooleanToggle BooleanTrigger CylinderSensor Inline IntegerSequencer IntegerTrigger KeySensor PlaneSensor PointLight ProximitySensor SphereSensor SpotLight StringSensor Switch TimeTrigger TouchSensor AudioClip Billboard Collision Fog LoadSensor LocalFog LOD Script Sound VisibilitySensor CoordinateInterpolator2D PositionInterpolator2D ClipPlane EaseInEaseOut LinePickSensor PickableGroup PointPickSensor PrimitivePickSensor VolumePickSensor SplinePositionInterpolator SplinePositionInterpolator2D SplineScalarInterpolator SquadOrientationInterpolator StaticGroup TextureProjector TextureProjectorParallel CADAssembly CADLayer CADPart OrthoViewpoint ViewpointGroup ColorChaser ColorDamper CoordinateChaser CoordinateDamper OrientationChaser OrientationDamper PositionChaser PositionChaser2D PositionDamper PositionDamper2D ScalarChaser ScalarDamper TexCoordChaser2D TexCoordDamper2D TextureBackground CollidableShape CollisionSensor RigidBodyCollection ParticleSystem TransformSensor IsoSurfaceVolumeData SegmentedVolumeData VolumeData Analyser AudioDestination BiquadFilter BufferAudioSource ChannelMerger ChannelSelector ChannelSplitter Convolver Delay DynamicsCompressor Gain ListenerPointSource MicrophoneSource OscillatorSource SpatialSound StreamAudioDestination StreamAudioSource WaveShaper EspduTransform ReceiverPdu SignalPdu TransmitterPdu DISEntityManager GeoLocation GeoLOD GeoMetadata GeoPositionInterpolator GeoProximitySensor GeoTouchSensor GeoViewpoint GeoTransform HAnimHumanoid HAnimJoint HAnimSegment HAnimSite HAnimMotion NurbsOrientationInterpolator NurbsPositionInterpolator NurbsSurfaceInterpolator NurbsSet ProtoInstance ROUTE ExternProtoDeclare ProtoDeclare IMPORT EXPORT
used by
elements HAnimHumanoid TransformSensor
groups ChildContentModelInterchange PickSensorGroupingNodeContentModel
Name  Type  Use  Default  Fixed  Annotation
DEF  xs:ID        

                    DEF defines a unique ID name for each node, referenceable by other nodes.
USE  xs:IDREF        

                    USE means reuse an already DEF-ed node ID, excluding all child nodes and all other attributes (except for containerField, which can have a different value).
class  xs:NMTOKENS        

                    The class attribute is a space-separated list of classes, reserved for use by Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and XML stylesheets.
                    This attribute is only functional if the X3D model is loaded within an HTML page.
id  xs:NMTOKEN        

                    The id attribute is a unique identifier, reserved for use by HTML5/DOM pages, independent of DEF labeling and internal X3D node referencing.
                    This attribute is only functional if the X3D model is loaded within an HTML page.
style  SFString        

                    The style attribute provides an inline block of CSS for element styling, reserved for use by Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and XML stylesheets.
                    This attribute is only functional if the X3D model is loaded within an HTML page.
bboxCenter  SFVec3f    0 0 0    
bboxSize  bboxSizeType    -1 -1 -1    
bboxDisplay  SFBool    false    
visible  SFBool    true    
containerField  containerFieldChoicesGroupLODShapeTransformSwitch    children    
<xs:attribute name="componentName" type="componentNameChoices" fixed="Grouping"/>
<xs:attribute name="componentLevel" type="xs:positiveInteger" fixed="1"/>
source <xs:element name="Group">
<xs:attribute name="componentName" type="componentNameChoices" fixed="Grouping"/>
<xs:attribute name="componentLevel" type="xs:positiveInteger" fixed="1"/>
<xs:documentation source="https://www.web3d.org/specifications/X3Dv4/ISO-IEC19775-1v4-IS/Part01/components/grouping.html#Group"/>
<xs:extension base="X3DGroupingNode">
<xs:attribute name="containerField" type="containerFieldChoicesGroupLODShapeTransformSwitch" default="children"/>

attribute Group/@containerField
type containerFieldChoicesGroupLODShapeTransformSwitch
default children
Kind Value Annotation
enumeration children
parent node has abstract type X3DGroupingNode
enumeration proxy
parent node is Collision
enumeration rootNode
parent node is GeoLOD
enumeration shape
parent node is CADFace or CollidableShape
enumeration skin
parent node is HAnimHumanoid
source <xs:attribute name="containerField" type="containerFieldChoicesGroupLODShapeTransformSwitch" default="children"/>

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